We’re working on some of the world’s most complex and interesting research challenges, with the ultimate goal of deconstructing the dynamics of historical evolution. To do this, we are pioneering a new form of interdisciplinary collaboration that re-contextualizes centuries of depth psychology research within the frameworks of historical analysis and data science.

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History Engine

History Engine is designed to generate thematic predictions for emergent forms of culture across various realms of human activity. For a thematic prediction to be actionable, it needs to achieve a high degree of certainty regarding emergent phenomena. Until this point, it has only been possible to attempt this kind of prediction through the idiosyncratic judgement of a veteran professional, or the application of brute force to cold data sets. With our system, we are leveraging recent breakthroughs in the field of depth psychology to model entire cultural epochs. An ever-growing database of reference points from the past and present is continuously integrated to optimize these models.