Autonomy & Consulting


Numinous Realm’s strategy consulting wing was soft launched in December 2018 with our first enterprise client. The purpose of our strategy consulting wing emerged out of our desire to remain independent as long as possible in the development of our History Engine technology.

Our research into the History Engine stems out of decades of research by the transpersonal community into the nature of the deep psyche as galvanized around two researchers in particular, Richard Tarnas, and his mentor Stanislav Grof—both of whom currently teach at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco.

When dealing with the subject of psychology, we are cognizant of the fact that this is a spiritual material that is being interacted with. For example, when a client enters into a therapeutic counseling relationship, they are going not merely for a materialist interaction where a few faulty neurons would be replaced. What is occurring is that the patient is entering into an active conversation with their soul, and creating a mediating bridge between the telos of self and the realities of the world.

It is considerations like these that have pushed us towards maintaining as much autonomy as possible in developing the History Engine, which in a sense has the potential to become a “counseling session” on a macro planetary scale.

Although there are many potentially valuable applications of this type of technology which is aimed at “predicting the future”, it is more important than ever for us as a company to ensure that the deployment of such a capacity is done in a manner which is consistent with the broader ideals of the depth psychology community, as well as the spirit keepers of the world as enshrined in the world’s religions.

This does not mean that fundraising will never be a part of Numinous Realm. In fact, there is a strong chance that some kind of equity fundraise will occur when there is more clarity around a product-based business model. However, we are considering the prospect of fundraising within broader civilizational considerations of how various value systems may interpret and influence the direction of the History Engine and associated technologies.

Thus, we are renewing our focus on Strategy Consulting as a foundational element of Numinous Realm, as we look to prospect and add new clients to our roster over the coming months.

Services pitch:

Numinous Realm is the world leader in exploring the commercialization of emerging breakthroughs in the field of depth psychology. Clients enjoy access to an innovative, creative, and research-driven culture, allowing them to unlock a new level of clarity and confidence in their decision-making process. Our strategic support incorporates a world-class business perspective rooted in our multi-geography, multi-industry client base.

The world’s leading branding agencies are relying on antiquated conceptions of the subconscious mind based on theories of archetypal psychology from the 1970s (as detailed in leading texts like The Hero and the Outlaw, Archetypes in Branding, etc). Numinous Realm updates commercial communication for the 21st century, offering a new order of precision in defining and broadcasting the unique signature of value generating organizations around the world.

Our consulting practice combines pioneering depth psychology frameworks, with a world-class appreciation for strategy, growth, branding, and marketing.