Numinous Realm is the world leader in deep historical analysis and its application for predicting the future.

We are on a scientific mission to deconstruct historical evolution, developing models that can predict future possibilities in any field based on recurring archetypal patterns that galvanize the varying epochs of humanity. If we’re successful, we believe this will be one of the most important historical moments in the development of humanity, increasing our collective capacity to predict and process the vast range of archetypal seasons which comprise the human experience.

From moments of rapid breakthrough, to phases of unspeakable horror, the world today can seem frighteningly random, and many individuals struggle to connect with a deeper sense of order and meaning within the cosmos. With insight into the broader contours of the subterranean collective psyche, we may uncover opportunities to revitalize an entire species facing the ceaseless assault of nihilism.


Core Team

Abeer Desai.jpg

Founder & CEO, Abeer Desai

Abeer is a global native with a diverse array of socio-cultural life experiences. Following graduation from NYU Stern as part of the World Studies Track honors program and a founding board member of the social enterprise group NYU Net Impact, he relocated to a tribal village community in a South Indian tiger preserve on behalf of the Maini Group to explore the intersection of social development and business process. After several years of international business consulting experience as the founder of Zero Venture Partners, Abeer returned to academia to pursue a Masters in Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness at the California Institute of Integral Studies where he studied with paradigmatic transpersonal researchers such as Richard Tarnas, Stanislav Grof, and Brian Swimme. He also founded the social enterprise group Impact@CIIS. Abeer’s research centered around archetypal cosmology and artistic production which culminated in a pioneering examination of archetypal synchronicities in the 20th century fashion industry. Abeer is an expressionist artist with work hanging around the world.